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Love Your Cereal

  • The Right Start to the Day

    You've heard it before, and it's true! Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. That's because after eight to 12 hours without eating, our bodies and brains are ready to refuel.

    Cereal, as part of a balanced breakfast, can work to kick-start your metabolism and help set you and your family up for a more successful day at work, school or at play. In fact, more than a quarter-century of research suggests a positive link between breakfast and mental and physical performance.

    How great is that?

    More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

    Start Each Morning Well

    When you start with a great breakfast, great things can happen. See how a morning spent with cereal can prepare you for the day to come.

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    Cereals Made With Your Family in Mind

    We start with simple grains, like corn, wheat, and rice, then add in a handful of quality ingredients to make the cereals your family knows and loves.

    Discover all of our Kellogg’s cereals.

  • A Nutritious Way to Greet Each Morning

    You want the best for your family. And with cereal as part of a balanced breakfast, you can give them just that.

    When you start them off with a Kellogg’s cereal and milk breakfast, they’ll not only get protein, but also important nutrients most kids don’t get enough of, like calcium, iron and vitamin D.

    But even beyond the needs of children, cereal can help provide important nutrition for people of all life stages, meaning you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy all the benefits of cereal.

    More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

    Cereal & Milk - A Perfect Pair

    Cereal helps incorporate milk into a child’s daily routine. And together they are an important source of essential vitamins and minerals in children’s diets.

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    The Goodness of Grains

    With important vitamins and minerals, grains help to supply the body and mind with the fuel needed to take on the day.

    Learn more about how good grains can be.

  • Mornings Made Easy

    Mornings can be hectic. You try to provide your kids with the best start to their day, but in reality, just getting them to eat can be a challenge. That’s why cereal helps make things simple.

    By offering you a variety of good-for-you, get-you-going Kellogg’s cereals, you have a delicious and easy way to give your kids a taste they enjoy with the nutrition they need — all in a meal that is quick to prepare and can be eaten on the go.

    With cereal, all it takes is a few minutes. But the benefits can make a big difference throughout the day.

    More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

    A Smart Choice for Busy Families

    Cereal gives you great options. It can be prepared in an instant. Plus, just about anyone can ‘make’ a bowl of cereal and milk. And with a wide variety of Kellogg’s cereals available, everyone can choose the taste they love best.


    Wholesome Beginnings

    Cereal’s important role in breakfast goes beyond the nutrients in the cereal itself. A serving of cereal serves as an excellent centrepiece for a nutritious breakfast that includes fruit and milk.

  • Breakfast At Its Best

    These days, everyone is looking for the best ways to stretch their budget. Yet you still want to provide your family with nutritious options you know that they’ll love. That’s why cereal makes so much sense.

    Today, a Kellogg’s cereal with milk can be enjoyed for less than 40 pence a bowl — cheaper than many other popular breakfast choices. Plus, together they can provide a number of essential nutrients to the diets of UK children.

    So not only is cereal a great value, it’s also a valuable way give your family a great start to each day.

    More Facts About Cereal Nutrition

    The Benefits of Cereal

    Ready-to-eat cereal is a preferred breakfast in many countries. In fact, more than half (or XX%) of UK residents start their day with a cereal breakfast.

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    Guideline Daily Amounts

    A great day starts with making informed choices. With the GDAs listed on the front of every pack, you can clearly see what you’re getting from your Kellogg’s cereal.

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