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Special K

The Special K range is made with natural grains and provides a source of added goodness or protein to empower your healthy choices every single day. Enjoy every cereal bowl or snack bite.

The power of multigrain

The Special K Flake is made with three grains.
Rice, wholewheat and barley.
Rolled, toasted and flaked.

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
The flake in all its glory, full of flavour and enriched with nutrients that matter to power you.

The truth is in the taste.

Simply delicious and that’s the truth. Enjoy the natural grains and the tasty flavours a Kellogg’s Special K breakfast has to offer. Because you know what? You can’t fake delicious.

Less carton for Special K bars

The way our foods are packaged ensures their safety, freshness and great taste. We also consider the impact of our packaging on the environment. Our founder, W.K Kellogg, understood the importance of more sustainable packaging and these dual considerations when introducing the very first boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes made from recycled content.

Our Commitments

As part of our Kellanova Better Days™ Promise to create better days for 4 billion people by the end of 2030, we will work towards 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging (by volume) by the end of 2030.

Kellogg Company introduced recycled cereal boxes in 1906. Over 117 years later, Kellanova remains committed to working to reduce our packaging impact to help protect our planet. In addition to designing our packaging to be more sustainable, we are working to help fix the low recycling rates of plastics and lack of infrastructure in several ways. Today Kellanova is also a signatory to the Ellen MacArthur New Plastics Economy Global Commitments.

We take our responsibility to champion education and build partnerships in this space seriously.

Our Approach

We deliver more sustainable packaging which protects the quality of our foods and delights consumers.We redesign for quality to delight more sustainably.

Our framework involves three approaches:

  • Reduce packaging as much as we can across our portfolio by decreasing total packaging weight wherever possible.
  • Remove certain plastic items and packaging materials.
  • Redesign packaging to be recyclable or compostable.

Our Progress

In 2024 we are reducing the height of our Special K Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Juicy Red Berry snacks packs.

With this change we are cutting 38,5 tons of carton per year across Europe using 6.86% less carton material on our Special K consumer facing packs. We are cutting an additional 15,2 tons of carton across Europe thanks to a 4% reduction on outer cases.

Thanks to this initiative we are now able to fit one more layer of Special K bars to each pallet, enabling us to use approximately 22 less trucks on the road across Europe per year.


Special K cereals contain ≥15% RI Vitamin D which contributes to the normal function of the immune system; ≥15% RI vitamins B3, B6 & B12 which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue; as well as ≥15% RI iron which also contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Special K cereal bars (excluding Special K Protein Bars) contain ≥15% RI vitamins B3, B6 & B9 which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The Special K Protein range is a source of protein which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.